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KB-10917:Failed to perform failover due to IIS service always pointing to previous node

Privileged Access Service ,  

7 March,19 at 08:40 AM

Applies to: All version of on-premise Privileged Access Service

During the failover in High availability environment, when attempting to switch from node 2 from node 1, failover will failed with “iis_pgsql_cluster Script” failed.
While access to “Services” console on node 1, “World Wide Web Publishing Service” is still running while service on node 2 is not able to start up. Meaning the service is still pointing to node 1 instead of node 2.
User-added image

When accessing to the Admin portal through browser, error “Failed to display website” will appear.

Root Cause:

The issue is due to the DNS record for the web service IP has been mapped as the same IP as one of the node.
For example: has been mapped to static.
When the cluster failover to node2 (, all the service works fine on the cluster role IP:
But once using the URL, it redirected to IP:, which is the same IP for node1 (, every service has been stopped.
So the browser shows: this site can't be reached - which is expected at this time because cannot be reached due to the duplicate service using the same IP address.

  1. Check the host file to see if there is any mis-configured IP mapping.

  2. Correct the DNS record to point to the correct IP address for each service and node.