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KB-10894: End of Support Notice for V1 REST API

20 August,18 at 03:40 PM

➢  Why are we doing this?

Centrify introduced the V2 enrollment APIs in 17.2 to support settings of additional resource-related information during enrollment.   This new version is a super-set of the original enrollment APIs (V1).   As Centrify Agent for Linux and Mac agents have been using the V2 APIs since 17.2,  Centrify plans to disable the old V1 enrollment APIs in 18.10.

➢  Who will be affected?

o   Customers who deploy Centrify Agent for Linux/Mac agents.

o   Customers who develop their applications using the following REST APIs:
  • ServerAgent/Register
  • ServerAgent/Enroll
  • ServerAgent/EnableFeatures

➢  What steps do customers need to take?

o   For customers who deploy Centrify Agent for Linux/Mac agents:
  • Upgrade to the latest version of Centrify Agent for Linux/Mac.
o   For customers who develop their applications using the REST APIs.  
  • Change code to call the corresponding V2  REST API (e.g.,  ServerAgent/RegisterV2, ServerAgent/EnrollV2, ServerAgent/EnableFeaturesV2).
➢  What happens if they don’t?  What errors or issues are they likely to see?

o   For customers who deploy older versions of Centrify Agent for Linux/Mac agents:
  • Existing enrolled agents will continue to work.  However,  new features will not be available.
  • After Centrify Identity Platform is upgraded to 18.10, once the agent is unenrolled, it cannot re-enroll again. The user MUST upgrade the agent to re-enroll.

o   For customers who develop their applications using the REST APIs:
  • The REST API call will fail with error

 Please contact the Centrify Technical Support team at if you have any further questions.