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KB-10693: Centrify Cloud Connector registry keys "checkUserInterval" and "userChangeCheckInterval"

App Access Service ,  

12 July,18 at 04:41 AM

Applies to: All versions of Connector service for App Access Service
What is the difference between two registry keys "checkUserInterval" and "userChangeCheckInterval"?
There are 2 similar registry values "checkUserInterval" and "userChangeCheckInterval" under
“checkUserInterval” will not appear as default reg key at the time Centrify cloud connector registered until user makes any change of value of "Active Directory user verification interval" on the Centrify Connector Configuration UI.

User-added image

User-added image
This key describes the CheckDeviceOwners job. Cloud Connector depends on this value to find previously enrolled devices objects from AD then notify Cloud and announce GP changes if applicable.
This value can be modified from "Active Directory user verification interval" on Cloud Connector Configuration GUI or from RegEdit.exe, where the default value is 10 mins (600 secs).
Following two captures with checkUserInterval=120
(in decimal)

User-added image
User-added image
This key describes the ADChangeDetector job, determining the time interval of detecting the AD objects changes and update to Cloud.
This value is registered by default and can be modified in RegEdit.exe.  The default values is 5 mins (300 secs).
Following two captures with userChangeCheckInterval=300(
in decimal).

User-added image
User-added image

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