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KB-10578: How to create a crashdump folder for troubleshooting Windows agent issues

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27 June,18 at 10:35 PM

There may be instances where a windows application, (Outlook, skype, etc.) may crash after installing the Centrify Windows Agent. If this happens, Centrify may need some additional data about what happened during the crash. Below are the steps to enable crashdump logging:

*WARNING* Modifying the Windows registry can be dangerous. Incorrectly modifying the registry can destroy Windows and / or your applications. We strongly recommend that you perform a full system backup prior to attempting any of the steps below.

1. Create a folder on the C: drive called Dumps (C:\Dumps) and make sure the folder is writable.
2. Open registry editor and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Error Reporting
3. If not there already, create a new key (folder) named LocalDumps
4. Under the newly created LocalDumps key, add following two values:

DumpFolder – REG_SZ (string value) – the full path to the folder (from step 1) where crash dump will be stored
DumpType – REG_DWORD – the type of crash dump. Use the value 2 for full dumps.

The registry key should look like this when complete:

User-added image

When a windows application crashes you should see files in the C:\Dumps folder. The files should have some reference to the application that crashed. You can send these files to Centrify Support if requested.