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KB-10559: Command adquery fails within Docker container

Authentication Service ,  

21 June,18 at 11:04 PM

Container refuses to recognize user account but adinfo output returns normal. However, the Docker host delivers both sets of information correctly.

hostname:/ # adquery user -A steve
Error: No such user steve

hostname:/ # adinfo
Local host name: hostname
Joined to domain:
Joined as:
Pre-win2K name: hostname
Current DC:
Preferred site: mysite01
Last password set: 2018-01-01 01:23:45 PST
CentrifyDC mode: connected
Licensed Features: Enabled

mydocker:/ # adquery user -A steve

mydocker:/ # adinfo
Local host name: mydocker
CentrifyDC mode: connected
Licensed Features: Enabled

In this instance the container is running Centrify 5.1.3 (2014) and the Docker host is running Centrify 5.4.1 (2017). Centrify needs to either have matched versions or have the Docker host running an earlier version than the container in order to perform correctly. As the container does not join to the domain, it uses the host's settings to connect and gather information. With the agent versions out of sync, they are unable to propagate the information and adquery returns with an error message - no such user.