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KB-10542: Centrify Product Naming Changes - July 2018

8 February,19 at 04:29 PM

***Updated February 8th, 2019***

Please note that Application Services and Endpoint Services are now part of Idaptive.  Please review KB-11484 for a breakdown of which products are Idaptive or remain part of Centrify.  For informaiton and support for Idaptive products, please go to the Idaptive Customer Support portal or call +1 (408) 495-8118.
For Centrify products, please refer to the chart below when submitting a case.


Centrify has updated product names as of July 1st, 2018. When opening a new support case, please refer to the below product matrix to determine the correct case product selection.

Case ProductPrevious Case ProductProduct Features
Auditing and Monitoring ServiceCentrify DirectAuditSession Recording and Auditing, Indexed Events, Compliance Reports, Gateway Session Monitoring & Control, Host-Based Session Auditing, Recording & Reporting
Authentication ServiceCentrify DirectControlMulti-Directory Brokering, Active Directory Bridging, Active Directory Integration, Complex Active, Directory Environment Support, Active Directory Migration & Automation, Machine Identity & Credential Management, Local Account & Group Management, Local Account Management, Centrify Zone Technology, Group Policy Management, MFA at System Login
Customer Support Portaln/aNot a product, but select when submitting a case for items associated with the Customer Support Portal such as adding users, Customer Support Portal login issues, Centrify University Access, etc.
Privilege Analytics Servicen/aAdaptive Multi-Factor Authentication, User Behavior Analytics
Privilege Elevation Servicen/aPrivilege Elevation, Role-Based Access Controls, Dynamic Access Controls, Powerful Tools, Delegated Privilege Role & Policy Management, Time-Based Role Assignment, MFA at Privilege Elevation
Privileged Access ServiceCentrify Privilege ServiceShared Account & Password Vault, Secure Password Storage, Application Passwords & Secrets Vault, Credential Management, Secure Remote Access, Secure Administrative Access via Jump Box, Access Request & Approval Workflow, MFA at Vault
 For additional information on Centrify products, please visit