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KB-10483: How to provision Proxy Addresses to O365 for Centrify Directory Users

App Access Service ,   App Gateway Service ,  

12 June,18 at 05:10 PM


How to provision Proxy Addresses to O365 for Centrify Directory Users (non-Active Directory or LDAP directory users)


It is possible to accomplish this task with the combination of Additional Attributes and a provisioning script.

1.  Create an Additional Attribute for Proxy Addresses.  Login to the Centrify Admin Portal and navigate to:  Settings -> Customization -> Additional Attributes.  Click Add.

2.  Create an Attribute with the name O365_Alias and type of Text.

User-added image

3.  Edit your O365 Provisioning script.  Go to:  Apps -> Office 365 -> Provisioning.  Expand the Provisioning Script section at the bottom of the page.

4.  In the section of the code that says:  
if (isPerson()) {

Add the following:
if (isPerson()) {
   var proxy_address = source.Get("O365_Alias");
   trace("proxy_address : " + proxy_address);

   if(proxy_address !== null){
   var ProxyAddressArray = proxy_address.split(";");
   trace("ProxyAddressArray.length: " + ProxyAddressArray.length);

   for (var i=0; i < ProxyAddressArray.length; i++){
   addToStringList("ProxyAddresses", ProxyAddressArray[i]);
   trace("destination.ProxyAddresses: " + destination.ProxyAddresses[i]);
Note:  Make SURE the value you put in this line matches EXACTLY the name of the Additional Attribute that you added in Step 2.  ->  var proxy_address = source.Get("O365_Alias");

5.  Populate the Additional Attribute for a Cloud User.  Go to Users -> Additional Attributes.  Click the edit icon in the Value section.

User-added image

6.  In the value field, populate the addresses in the following format:;

NOTE:  "smtp:" or "SMTP:"  MUST be used.  "SMTP:" defines a default address.  Also, if multiple Proxy Addresses are needed, use a semi-colon (no spaces) in-between them as shown above.

7.  Let the user provision to O365 automatically, or go into the User and select Actions ->  Sync All Apps

8.  Once provisioning has completed, check O365 Admin Portal to make sure the Aliases/ProxyAddresses have populated.

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