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KB-10383: Connector getting offline after auto-update

App Access Service ,  

31 May,18 at 07:13 AM

Applies to: Centrify Application Services 18.5 for tenants in Pod1


Centrify Connector went offline after auto-update, causing AD user cannot be authenticated against that connector.


The pod1 auto-update has upgraded Centrify Connectors from 18.5-136 to 18.6-137 and Centrify Connectors went offline due to the version mismatch.

1. To verify, on the connector host, go to Centrify Connector Configuration. User may see the version mismatch message as below:

connector configuration

2. Clicking the About button, user may encounter the following error message:

version mismatch


User should manually uninstall connector version 18.6 and then install connector version 18.5 to fix the version mismatch error.

This step requires a cloud admin account for registering the connector during the installation. If user does not have cloud admin account for logging in to admin portal, please contact Centrify Technical Support.

1. User can choose to back up the registry key values in AD and the configuration settings in Centrify Admin Portal before the re-installation:

1a. Back up registry

- Open regedit and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Centrify > Cloud

- Right click on Cloud > Export:


(To import the registry later on, simply double click on the saved one)

1b. To back up the configurations of Centrify Connector in Centrify Admin Portal

- Login with a cloud admin account in Centrify Admin Portal

- Go to Settings > Network > Centrify Connectors

- Make a note of all the connector configuration settings:

connector settings

2. After the Centrify connector settings and registry back-up is completed, logon to the affected connector host.

3. Go to Services, stop the Centrify Connector service.

4. Go to Programs and Features, uninstall Centrify Connector version 18.6.

5. Download and install Connector version 18.5. The Centrify Connector package can be downloaded from either, or go to Centrify Admin Portal > Downloads > Connectors > Centrify Connector.

6. Apply the backup of Centrify connector settings and registry if needed.

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