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KB-10378: How to fine tune the maximum approval request limit for CPS on-prem?

Privileged Access Service ,  

13 June,18 at 06:26 PM

Applies to: All version of Centrify Privilege Service on-premise

When performing approvals multiple request at one go for workflow feature, getting the following error:

User-added image

Is it possible to fine tune the maximum approval request limit for CPS on-premise?

Limits are all configurable per tenant and exist to prevent an end users from being 'spammed' by malicious users (such as an attacker spamming a user's phone with MFA requests). Please make sure you understand the risk of modifying the limits below:
The tenant configurations can be applied at the following location:
Admin Portal -> Settings->Customization->Account->Advanced Configuration
Add the following parameter:

  • Core.ContactRateLimit.Contacts.Max - maximum contacts received for a user in the window, default 5.
  • Core.ContactRateLimit.Contacts.WindowMinutes - window in minutes when evaluating contacts received for a user, default 3.
  • Core.ContactRateLimit.Initiates.Max - maximum initiated contacts for a user in the window, default 20
  • Core.ContactRateLimit.Initiates.WindowMinutes - window in minutes when evaluating contacts initiated by a user, default 10

Increase the value depending on your needs, then try again to see if the same error still persist.

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