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KB-10377: Fail to enroll on behalf for user with error: "The profile Centrify Cloud Service could not be installed due to an unexpected error. <InternalError:1>"

Mac & PC Management Service ,  

25 June,18 at 11:20 AM

Applies to: All version of Centrify Identity Service, Mac Edition

When performing enrollment on behalf of different user, it fails with the error message: "The profile Centrify Cloud Service could not be installed due to an unexpected error. <InternalError:1>"

User-added image

While choosing the “Network User” option and entering ONLY the username for the “User to Enroll” field at the following windows:
User-added image
When the “User to Enroll” field does not contain the UPN of the user, it will treat the user as a local user as follow and resulting to the error above because the Mac agent is not able to lookup this user from the local directory:
Failed to enroll to on behalf of jsmith for local user jsmith: profiles install for file:'/var/centrify/tmp/profile658035330' and user:'root' returned 1 (The operation couldn’t be completed. (InternalError error 1.)

Therefore, when enrolling the Mac for an AD user, please make sure to enter the UPN of the user (jsmith@ivan15.lab) at the “User to Enroll” field to avoid this issue as follow:

User-added image


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