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KB-10256: How to update the Publication location if it is relocated

30 April,18 at 08:23 AM

Applies to: All version of Centrify DirectAudit for Centrify Infrastructure Services


The Audit Installation is published onto Domain under a container as a SCP object.  At the same time this location will be stored in Audit Management Database: [DefaultManagementDatabase].[dbo].[Publication]

This container in domain can be relocated to other location, however it could happen in location out-of-sync if the location in the Database side has not been updated.  
Further action to this Audit Installation cannot be updated to new SCP object, or in worst case no further action to this Audit Installation will be allowed as the old publication location is not found.  This could happen as the old domain has been decommissioned but the Audit Database still stores the old information.


How to verify the Publication location in Audit Database and how to update the Publication location if it is relocated?


To obtain the Publication location in audit DB, open SQL management studio and connect to the SQL server that's hosting the Management database, run:

Select Location FROM [DefaultManagementDatabase].[dbo].[Publication];

To update the new location into audit DB please do the following:

1.    Open SQL management studio and connect to the SQL server that's hosting the Management database.
2.    Open the dbo.Publication table under the Management database and save the current value for the Location column to a text file (for backup purpose).
3.    Now, run the following SQL command to fix the publication location,
4.    UPDATE dbo.Publication SET Location = '<distinguishedName of the SCP object>'
    UPDATE dbo.Publication SET Location = 'Vegas-Installation-f314efb7-ff6e-4691-a7dc-74ef673c33fa,CN=DA,CN=Program Data,DC=ac1,DC=net'

5.    Once the database row is updated, please re-open the Audit Manager console and resync the publication, that should fix the issue.