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KB-1019: ssh public key authentication fails when AD username differs from unix username on Solaris 8

Centrify DirectControl ,  

30 June,17 at 03:52 PM

Applies to:
All versions of Centrify-enabled OpenSSH on Solaris 8 platform only
SSH Pubkey auth fails if AD account name differs from Unix username. If user1234 is the Unix username defined and if john is the SAM account name, the following behavior is observed:
1) user1234 will work fine with pubkey or password
2) If john uses password, it works fine
3) If john logs in with public key, it will fail with the below message.
debug1: matching key found: file /export/home/user1234/.ssh/authorized_keys, line 1
Found matching RSA key: 5e:d6:40:5d:63:df:bb:99:a2:a8:6b:35:11:ea:33:c8
(key actually matches)
wrong user name passed to monitor: expected user1234 !=john mm_answer_keyverify: bad signature data blob
The result of such failure is as expected for Centrify openssh (but not stock OpenSSH), as this is by design. The login name must be the same as the end user name or else the openssh will fail the auth for security reasons (e.g, fake key, etc.).

Centrify is working actively to fix this issue until then customers can continue to use stock SSH or simply avoid using SAM account when using public key method of authentication

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