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KB-0603: "at" commands may not work for AD Users on SuSE10

Authentication Service ,  

12 April,16 at 11:27 AM


"at" commands may not work for AD Users on SuSE10. When trying to run "at" commands as an AD user gets the following error:
"PAM authentication failure: Authentication token is no longer valid; new one required. You do not have permission to use at."

But if you turn on debugging for Centrify agent, the corresponding log message for the above error is:
at[8539]: WARN pam Account management for user 'shipper': password has expired"


"at" commands on SuSE10 do make calls to PAM but "at" make a call "setreuid(25) (where 25 is daemon user for "at") before calling pam_acct_mgmt which is wrong. On platforms where it works such as RHEL4, "at" does setreuid(0) before calling pam_acct_mgmt.


This behavior is not as a result of Centrify DirectControl agent but because of a bug in "at". Centrify tried to open a bug with the original author of "at" but were unsuccessful. "at" can be fixed by creating an RPM that changes the setreuid to 0. Few customers also confirmed that by doing so it works.