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KB-0466: UI login on IRIX not authenticating against Active Directory

Authentication Service ,  

12 April,16 at 11:23 AM


Cannot login AD users on IRIX (for example, via IRIX's graphical UI login, xdm)


As documented, older IRIX machines like version 6.5.22 typically do not have PAM, which is a dependency for the DirectControl IRIX agent to be able to authenticate users to Active Directory. PAM needs to be installed before installing DirectControl to avoid this problem.

If you have this problem, you likely performed the steps in the following order:

1. attempted to run ./ first
2. ./ informed that sw.eoe.pam (PAM) was not installed
3. installed IRIX PAM module.

In the above case, the DirectControl installation has no chance to turn on the PAM module (because PAM was not installed prior). There is no problem if the PAM module for IRIX is installed first and then DirectControl is installed.


1. First double-check if PAM is installed by running "versions | grep pam". You should see "sw.eoe.pam" returned.
2. Then run "chkconfig | grep pam" to verify if PAM is turned on.
3. If pam is not turned on, run "chkconfig pam on" to turn on PAM, OR (if necessary, depending on at what point the first ./ terminated) run ./ again and either do a fresh install or select "U" for upgrade; this depends, but you will know as the ./ will prompt you accordingly.
4. You will now be able to login normally