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KB-0386: browser hangs when trying to reach apache/adfs agent

Authentication Service ,  

12 April,16 at 11:20 AM


When the browser is trying to reach the Apache server configured for authentication with ADFS, the browser just hangs.


The adfsagent daemon uses https to connect to the ADFS server. If there is a connection problem between the machine that Apache is running on and ADFS server, the browser will be left hanging.


In order to verify the problem is not on the Apache or the Centrify ADFS agent , one should manually test the https connection between the machine that Apache is running on and the ADFS server.

Do the following:
1. Open a browser on the machine where the Apache server is running.

2. Set the http SSL proxy (if any) to the one adfsagent is using, e.g., port 8080

3. Go to the url:

( is the ADFS server configured.)

If it prompts you for a SSL client certificate just click OK . The browser should then take you to the ADFS server's FederationServerService page. This verifies that communication to the ADFS server works from the machine where Apache server is running correctly. Hence, the original browser hanging problem would have come from the Apache server or the Centrify ADFS agent. If the browser does not prompt for the SSL client certificate or does not reach the FederationServerService page, then the problem is not with the Apache or the Centrify ADFS agent. Check that your ADFS server is running correctly and that network connections from the machine where Apache is running to the ADFS server is running correctly.