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KB-0017: How to uninstall Windows management tools & remove DirectControl data?

Auditing and Monitoring Service ,   Authentication Service ,   Mac & PC Management Service ,  

12 April,16 at 11:43 AM


How do I uninstall the Centrify DirectControl Windows management tools and remove DirectControl data from Active Directory?


To uninstall the DirectControl management tools:

(1) From the Windows machine where you installed DirectControl, open the Control Panel, point to Add or Remove Programs
(2) In the Currently installed programs box, click the program "Centrify DirectControl xxx", and then click Change/Remove button.
(3) Follow the instructions that appear on the screen to make the changes that you want.

To remove DirectControl data from Active Directory:

(1) Click Start, point to Programs, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Active Directory Users and Computers.
(2) On the View menu, click Advanced Features.
(3) Centrify DirectControl stores UNIX-specific data under the domain/Program Data/Centrify container by default. If you have not changed the location, expand Program Data, right click on Centrify container and click Delete.
(4) If default location is changed, navigate to the appropriate container or ogranization unit ( OU ) where Centrify data is stored and delete the container / OU. If Centrify license(s) container is also changed, please find it and delete the container as well.