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How to Analytics- Custom Query with custom Filter's and available tools

11 April,19 at 11:50 AM

1. Launch Analytics Portal and go to Insights  ,  click ManageDashboards and add Apps Dashboard.1.png


Click on any dataset from the graph below let’s take 6/26/2017 and this would launch all “App launch events ) as you can see in the query


3.  daily='06-23-2017' AND app_name='NetSuite' AND event_type in ('Cloud.Saas.Application.AppLaunch')       

Now edit the above query to the following event_type in ('Cloud.Saas.Application.AppLaunch') 

4. On the right top corner of the same page change the “relative”  days to 30 days  and click Apply

4- 30days events.png

5- 30day app launch events.png

As you can see the data set is much bigger now , we can drill into more specifics as per our requirements.

5. Go to the right top corner Add a filter and  ‘Application .

6- add-filter-application.png

6. In the application edit controls change the value to top 20 application launches and save it .

7 - edit application controls and add top 20 application launches for this set.png

7. Now you can see in the bar chart the top 20 applications and in this case it is “salesforce”

8- sales-force - apply.png

Now click on Salesforce from the bar chart to add it to the query and click on apply

8. You can now see the query has changed to 

event_type in ('Cloud.Saas.Application.AppLaunch') AND app_name IN ('Salesforce')

9. You need to save this as a dataset for later use as shown. You can also share this dataset with other people. At the moment it is only available to you as you have created it.

9- save as data set.png

10. Go to insights and create a new dashboard , Name salesforce app insights and click create

10- salesforce app insights and create.png

11.  Lets add a widget ( line chart for example ) and then add the chart values as you seem fit and click apply

11- add widget line chart.png

12- add the chart values as you seem fit and click apply.png

12. This chart gives you all the App launches in a particular day , as you notice during weekdays the launches are the highest  and it goes down during weekends. You can also add time per hour to see when the launches are the highest during a given day .

13- this chart gives you all the App launches in a particular day.png

14.  Last thing , lets add a Bar Chart and find the user who used Salesforce the most in the last 30 days .

14 bar chart to find the most prolific user.png

15- Bar chart data.png

Add the values and the filter you ceated earlier and click Apply .

15.  You can see the result here User Gary has launched Salesforce application the most in the last 30 days. . You can also add many other widgets with your filter as shown above or use existing ones per your needs.

16 - final result.png

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