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How To Configure PAS Automatic Password Reconciliation for Local Accounts?

Privilege Analytics Service ,  

26 March,20 at 10:05 PM

Question: How To Configure PAS Automatic Password Reconciliation for Local Accounts?


1. Go to Resources -> Resources Profiles -> Add Profile 
        User-added image
Note: Scripting option is based on your scripting preference, attached to this KB is a example of such a  script. For more details about using a custom script, please check our product documentation site  Please be aware that custom scripts are not supported by  Centrfiy Support.

2. Go to System -> Add System and make sure to point the System Type to a resource profile that was created previously.
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3. A local administrative account is required to be set in the Unix system

         User-added image

4. It is required to  enable automatic maintenance  on the Unix system in PAS.
         User-added image

5. Run a report to make sure the local account is being managed by PAS (optional)
      Go to Reports and create a custom report that checks if local account is being managed successfully.
      Below is the sql query that can be used to create this custom report.


       User-added image

6. Test the login with a local user for that Unix system.
       User-added image
7. Set the local root account as an Admin Account in case the password reconciliation  goes out of sync for the local accounts
      User-added image 
      In activity, it will show the confirmation message that root account is not set up as Admin Account
      User-added image

     Base on preference, if you decide to switch to a different local account as Admin Account, this can be done by selecting Clear as Admin Account and Set As Admin Account with 
     a different local account. 
     User-added image
Below are the operating systems and shells that are supported right now.

Operation system:

  • Linux
  • HPUX
  • AIX
  • Solaris
  • bash
  • sh
  • csh
  • tcsh
  • zsh