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[HOW TO]Install and setup the Centrify Licensing Service

11 April,19 at 11:51 AM

If you want to know why you get these warnings on your Centrify Access Manager or Centrify Audit Manager consoles, it's because your Centrify License Service has not been set up or it is not completely set up.













 Typically when running the Centrify installation wizard the Centrify License Service is installed by default. But if for some reason you choose not to install it, this post is going to walk you through a standalone installation of the Centrify License Service


Pre-requisites: DirectControl License Key and/or DirectAudit License Key




Step 1) Extract the Centrify Infrastructure Services suite package, it should look like this after it's been unzipped. suite_package.PNG


Step 2) Navigate to the LicensingService folder and execute the Centrify_Licensing_Service-x.x.x-win64-exewizard_1.PNG

Step 3) Choose the directory for the installation and complete the wizard. 





Step 1) Launch the Centrify License Service Control Panel, you might notice that it is running but navigating to the DC/DZ Deployment tab shows no data. License_1.PNG


Step 2) This is because there is not a License container and it has not been configured in the DC/DZ Licenses tab. License_3.PNG


Step 3) Click "Add..." under License Container and select the OU you want as your license container or create a new one like in the image below:License_4.PNG





Step 4) Add your DirectControl License Key at the bottom of this tab, after this, you should see it added successfully to your installation and also the DC/DZ Deployment will get updated. License_8.PNG







Step 5) Check the DA Deployment tab, this is still showing no Direct Audit license usage and the DA Licenses tab does not allow you to select your Direct Audit installation. audit_1.PNG


Step 6)  This is because the Centrify DirectAudit Management Server Control Panel is not configured or running. 


 Step 7) Click "Configure..." and walk through the steps to complete this setup and make sure it is running with no errors. audit_manager_3.PNG


 Step 8) Close the Centrify Licensing Service Control Panel and re-open it. After it has launched restart the service under the General tab. 


Step 9) Navigate to the DA Licenses tab and now you should see your Direct Audit installation, select it and confirm that your DA Deployment is also populating now with your license count. license_11.PNG







Q: Why isn't there a step to add the Direct Audit License Key in the steps above?


A: This is assuming that your Direct Audit installation has already been installed and configured. During that installation, the setup user is prompted to enter the license key for the installation to continue. audit_wizard_2.PNG



Q: How does the license count work and get updated?


A: Please refer to KB-1658: How does Centrify Licensing work?



Q: Is there a guide to go with this blog?


A: See attached.