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Cyber Security is Everyone's Responsibility

11 April,19 at 11:49 AM

My day-to-day job as a Centrify consultant allows me to work with companies to help them improve their security. This is especially important in areas such as identity management.   All you have to do is look at recent headlines to understand how important it is to protect your online identity.  While most of my work is in the corporate world, cyber security isn't just for corporations.  It's for everyone.  


October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Yet I haven’t seen a 5k walk, or a banner on any of my social media accounts, to help raise awareness. This affects everyone who connects to the Internet.

Just as it is important for us to take care of our physical heath, i.e. washing our hands or using hand sanitizer, we must remember to look after our digital health.

This month’s theme is Stop-Think-Connect. It is a theme to urge everyone to take precautions, understand consequences of your Internet actions and behaviors, and enjoy the benefits of the Internet.


STOP: Understanding the risks and learning how to spot potential problems is the first line of defense when protecting your digital health. Some of the areas you can increase security immediately:

  • Update all passwords and replace them with strong passphrases. By all, I mean all social media accounts, forum accounts, bank accounts, and online shopping accounts.
  • Change the password on your home Internet router. This is the first digital entry point into your home; lock this digital door just like you would lock your front door.


THINK: Think about the Internet path you are about to walk. Don’t just sign up for any website, read their terms and conditions. Make sure your internet path is clear.   Be watchful of where you store your personal information. Remember your online actions could impact your safety, or your family’s.


CONNECT: Once you’ve taken all precautions you can enjoy the Internet with greater confidence.


As individuals, we all share in the responsibility of cyber security. The tips presented here are only a few, there is a lot more each of us can do. The Internet can be a great place to spend some time, but we all need to remember the precautions we should always keep in mind. Education is the first defense to keeping ourselves protected when traveling the world wide web.