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Centrify makes global solutions!

11 April,19 at 11:49 AM

I would like to share a revelation with you. I am not shy about my love for Centrify and the products we produce; anyone who attends my classes can attest to that fact. However, I did not realize the full reach of our product until a recent class I taught in São Paulo, Brazil. Centrify makes global solutions!

Many startup companies in Silicon Valley focus on creating useful products and technologies, but not all of them have a global reach or focus. Centrify did not build a product for just banks or car companies; we created a product that benefited the world.

Technology is a standard in society today, so much so that access to the Internet has become a widely discussed political topic. However, with progress and advances, we are faced with the challenge to protect information. This information is the key to our identity, finances, and intellectual property. This is not limited to consumer concerns either; businesses are large targets because they can hold millions of pieces of customer data. The information contained within these businesses can be used all around the world for different purposes, usually malicious in nature.

Fortunately, for the general consumer, companies are being tasked with safeguarding information. The other side is that companies are finding it difficult because their data environment is very diverse. Usually, there is a broad mix of *NIX and Windows Operating Systems, sometimes Mac and mobile devices, and users are accessing sensitive information from their home and coffee shops.

This is the reason we created Centrify, a worldwide solution to protect data at every level of access. The opportunity to train customers outside of the US was fantastic! I love finding common ground with my students, and Centrify makes it easy for me. I would like to continue sharing my passion for our product with you, wherever you may be in the world.

If you would like to attend training in your local area, please contact for more details.