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Centrify Agent for Windows SCCM Issue and Deployment Recommendation

11 April,19 at 11:50 AM


Centrify Server Suite (now part of Infrastructure Services)



Centrify DirectControl




What are the recommended settings one should use when using SCCM to deploy the Centrify Agent for Windows? If an issue occurs after deploying the Centrify Agent for Windows, such as black screen or LSA crash, how does one recover?


The Centrify Agent for Windows should always be installed on a system on a per-machine basis. If you install our software manually, this happens by default. If you use SCCM to deploy, SSCM by default will install software on a per user basis which is not recommended for the Centrify Agent for Windows.  
One will run into a problem if:

  • You installed the Centrify Agent for Windows manually so that the software is installed on a per-machine basis. However, you use SCCM with the default (per-user) setting to upgrade the software.


  • You installed the Centrify Agent for Windows using SCCM with the per-user setting. However, you perform upgrade manually by using MSI/MSIEXE which deploys the software on a per-machine basis.

When using SCCM to do installation/upgrade of Centrify Agent for Windows, please  always change the setting to per machine basis.


Please see KB-9403 for recommended settings and additional details.

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