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Centrify 18.7 Release Notes

13 May,19 at 08:17 PM

New Features - Centrify Application Services   

SAP SuccessFactors: Support for In-bound provisioning

  • Seamless Provisioning of user information from SAP SuccessFactors into ActiveDirectory
  • Configurable Provisioning Rules that enable:
    • Explicit Mapping of attributes between SAP SuccessFactors and AD
    • Specifying AD group in which user can be created
    • Selective Provisioning of all users or a subset (business Unit)
    • Periodic full sync or incremental syncs
    • Customizable Attribute Mapping via Scripts
  • Deeper insight into provisioning status via Job Reports


Delegated Administration for Apps via Sets

  • Ability to create a set of Apps (or delete) through the Admin portal by either selecting Apps manually, or via a dynamic script


  • Ability to specify permissions for a user, group or role to Grant, View, Edit and Delete the Set of Apps


  • Ability to review recent activity on a set





The following apps have been updated:


• Sydney Morning Herald (User name / Password)
• JIRA Server (SAML)
• Webex (User name / Password)
• DocuSign (User name / Password)




New Features - Centrify Endpoint Services




Delegated Administration for Endpoints via Sets


  • Endpoint administrators can now create and manage custom sets of Endpoints, beyond the built-in sets
  • Assign policies to admin-defined sets of Endpoints
  • Ability to specify permissions for a user, group or role to Grant, View, Edit and Delete sets of Endpoints
  • Note: For this release, sets of Endpoints will not include dynamic sets defined as the result of a query



Certificate Auto Renewal for iOS, Android & Mac


  • Certificates are now automatically renewed
  • Effective for all mobile policies leveraging certificates including Email, WiFi, VPN and ZSO certificate
  • Renewal request starts when 20% of the certificate lifetime is left

certificate auto renewal.png



Time Bound Workflow Approval on Mobile


  • Workflow approval for Infrastructure Services now supports time bound access
  • Previously, approvers could only approve or deny access permanently
  • Now approvers can provided a window of time where access is allowed, matching what can be done via the browser
  • Flexibility to choose permanent or windowed access regardless of the request type

time bound.gif


New Features - Centrify Infrastructure Services 


Privileged Access Service


Centrify Agent for Linux – CoreOS Support


  • Centrify Agent for Linux now supports CoreOS. Key capabilities include:
    • Brokered Authentication
    • AAPM
    • Ability to register the container directly on Privileged Access Service
  • This feature will be released with samples via Centrify GitHub to facilitate demos, evaluation and deployment scenarios

 agent for linux coreos.png



Enhanced Password Generation Rules


  • New Password Rules:
    • Restrict the number times a given character can appear in a password
    • Restrict the minimum number of alphabetic characters that can appear in a password
    • Restrict the number of non-alphabetic characters that can appear in a password
  • Accommodates additional rules implemented in systems such as IBM AIX



Performance Optimizations


  • 18.7 Includes the following performance optimizations:
    • Password Checkout Performance
    • RDP and SSH Session Performance


Remote Access Kit – Host Trust Verification


  • Remote Access Kit allows a PAS user to use their local SSH (PuTTY) or RDP (Microsoft Remote Desktop Client) to initiate privilege sessions
  • With 18.7, the Remote Access Kit has been enhanced to support host trust verification

host trust.png



Privileged Access Service - Customer Hosted


Windows Server 2016 Support


  • Privileged Access Service (Customer Hosted) was launched last year with support for Windows Server 2012 R2.
  • Customer Hosted installation now supports the current version of Windows Server (2016)



Resolved Issues and Behavior Changes


The following list records issues resolved in this release and behavior changes.


  • Unassigned users in a provisioning group from Workday are no longer synched to an Active Directory “test” group (CC-57998).
  • Tagging a SAML app in the User Portal no longer generates an error (CC-54368).
  • The Dynamic CRM plug-in now works using WS-Trust (CC-60305).
  • New default load sample scripts are supplied in the Source to Target tab for Workday inbound provisioning (CC-57792).
  • Report names can now include the pound (“#”) symbol (CC-54880).
  • The Export Reports and Email Reports commands have been restored to the option drop down in My Reports (CC-59978).
  • The Samanage app configuration documentation has been updated (CC-59414).
  • Users with the User Management right now have the right to update the policy needed to invite users (CC-60184).
  • Users now need the Application Management or Read Only System Administration right in order to see the job history list (CC-60191).
  • Previously any systems with port 135 (DCE/RPC) open were discovered by the Privilege Access Service as Windows computers. HP-UX have this port open by default and are now correctly discovered as HP-UX (CC-60104).
  • Users are no longer prompted for a certificate to use when attempting to Zero Sign On when using an external Certificate Authority but with no Certificate Authorities available (CC-59389).
  • It is now possible to select more than one department in the Source Selection Rule for inbound provisioning (CC-60062).
  • The Trace function now functions correctly in an Office 365 advanced script (CC-58773).
  • Iterating in a SAML script through users who are members of a large number of groups no longer produces an exception (CC-59099).
  • Calculation of the date for the next discovery run for the Privilege Access Service is now correct (CC-58627).


For security advisories and known issues, please see attached file.



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