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Centrify 18.10 Release Notes

13 May,19 at 08:18 PM

 End of life notification - Final Notice

This section contains notifications for upcoming termination of apps, features or programmatic access (APIs):


Termination of v1 REST API support


Why are we doing this?


  • Centrify introduced the v2 enrollment APIs with the 17.2 release to support setting of additional resource-related information during enrollment. This new version is a superset of the original v1 enrollment APIs. As the Centrify Agent for Linux and Mac agents have been using the v2 APIs since 17.2, we are now planning to disable the old v1 enrollment APIs in 18.10.


Who will be affected?


  • Customers who deploy Centrify Agent for Linux/Mac agents.
  • Customers who develop their applications using the following REST APIs: ServerAgent/Register, ServerAgent/Enroll, ServerAgent/EnableFeatures


What steps do I need to take?


  • If you deploy Centrify Agent for Linux/Mac agents, upgrade to the latest version of Centrify Agent for Linux/Mac.


If you develop applications using the REST APIs:


  • Change your code to call the corresponding V2  REST API (e.g.,  ServerAgent/RegisterV2, ServerAgent/EnrollV2, ServerAgent/EnableFeaturesV2).


What happens if I do nothing?  What errors or issues am I likely to see?


  • If you have deployed older versions of Centrify Agent for Linux/Mac agents, existing enrolled agents will continue to work, however new features will not be available.
  • After the Centrify Identity Platform is upgraded to 18.10, once the agent is unenrolled it cannot re-enroll again.  You MUST upgrade the agent to re-enroll.
  • If you have developed applications using the REST APIs, the REST API call will fail with an error.


New Features - Centrify Application Service 

  • Role member page pagination
  • Significant performance improvements in O365 sync/provision


New Features - Centrify Endpoint Service

  • Install custom APK in Android for Work container
  • Thin imaging for Mac, leveraging DEP and Munki


New Features - Centrify Privileged Access Service

  • Global switch to force use of local clients for remote management sessions
  • Manage accounts for a multi-tenant Oracle database (single server)
  • Multiple selection in the UI for account deletion
  • Updated user documentation defining supported systems, devices, databases and desktop apps


Resolved Issues and Behavior Changes


The following list records issues resolved in this release and behavior changes.


    • Custom apks can now install automatically in Android for Work containers (CC-62650).
    • In bound provisioning synchs no longer fail when upper case letters exist in the domain name (CC-63199).
    • MFA notifications now arrive at Mobile Authenticator faster when mobile authenticator is chosen as MFA mechanism (CC-63287).
    • The Default APN policy now correctly applies to Samsung devices (CC-60690).
    • Google Play app information, including icons, is now shown when using non-Chrome browsers (CC-63501).
    • Apps configured for auto-install when using Google Play accounts now correctly install (CC-61624).
    • Outbound provisioning and Office 365 sync performance has been improved (CC-62787).
    • The “Test” button in the Advanced tab for an OAuth2 server app now correctly shows the token result (CC-62995).
    • In an OpenIDConnect custom script, if the setClaim value is null the claim is now correctly written to the token (CC-63013).
    • Company apps are now shown on iPhone X devices running iOS 12 (CC-63161).
    • Company apps are now shown for newly enrolled iOS DEP devices (CC-61104).
    • MDM-controlled device power-off is not supported for Android versions 8.0 and later, so the option has been removed from the Admin Portal à Endpoint à Action menu for devices with affected versions (CC-62244).
    • Manage keyboards is now enabled when creating an Android for Work profile (CC-62215).
    • Windows 10 devices can now once again be enrolled into the cloud service (CC-62348).
    • App shortcuts in kiosk mode are now shown once again for older Samsung devices (CC-62532).
    • Cisco switch account names >10 characters are now supported in Privilege Access Service (CC-62562).
    • Keyboard no longer gets stuck after Alt Gr is used until Alt key is pressed again on a Web RDP session with Firefox (CC-61768).


Changes for Hotfix 1


    • A new Centrify for Android app has been deployed that resolves an issue introduced in 18.10 whereby users were being prompted with a “Click to Open” notification in the notification status bar and lock screen (CC-64148).
    • A security fix for the Privilege Access Service account bulk delete feature is included in this hot fix. Without this fix was is possible for an administrator that does not have checkout privileges is able to delete the accounts and save passwords (CC-63577).



For security advisories and known issues, please see attached file.



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