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Centrify 17.4 and 17.4 Hotfix Release Notes

11 April,19 at 11:50 AM

New Features - Centrify Identity Service


Support using DN for Cert Subject Alternative Name 


Certificates generated from tenant CA will use DN for SA

  • Customer request – many VPN and WiFi devices use this parameter for the username
  • Old method was to use the UPN


ZSO on Android without MDM (SSO only mode)


ZSO can now function on Android when not using MDM (SSO Mode)

  • This applies to Android only – iOS uses external cert
  • External Certs for “is Managed” do not work on Android – enroll Centrify client in SSO mode


Support Split Screen Multi-tasking in iPad Pro


Centrify app can now be used in split-screen mode with the iPad Pro.





Policy to Limit Device Enrollment to Corporate Owned


New policy to limit enrollment to corporate devices

  • Do not use Sets with a deny policy to limit corporate enrollment





Mobile UI Improvements for Notifications


  • Better display and swipe to delete functionality
  • Both iOS and Android Apps have been updated






Centrify Agent for Mac 17.4


  • Moved from a .app in 16.12 to a .pkg in 17.4
  • Manual update only
  • Automatic update coming soon after 17.4
  • Added "Enroll On Behalf Of Another User"
  • Allows an admin user to enroll another user


Mac App Management (powered by Munki & AutoPkg)




  • Old Method Deprecated but still supported
    munki2 - oldmethod.gif
  • Policy to enable Managed Software Center installation (AKA Munki Client)
    munki3 - policy to enable.png
  • Centrify Munki & AutoPkg admin tools in the Download Center
    munki4 - centrify munki and autopkg.png
  • Run munkiimport on an enrolled Mac (requires App Management rights)
  • Munki Apps Automatically imported leveraging ZSO
  • New App type for Munki Apps
    munki5 - zso.gif
  • Application details automatically populated
  • Assignment can be done through User Access or through Munki command line
  • AutoPkg will automate the population of the App catalog via Recipes
    munki6 - application details.gif
  • Enrolled Macs securely authenticated via ZSO cert
  • Silent installation of automatic apps
  • Catalog of optional apps with categories
  • Rich App Store like Enterprise App Store



The following apps have been added to the catalog:

  • WordPress


The following apps have been removed from the catalog:

  • US Airways


The following apps have been updated:

  • MangoApps
  • Twitter
  • AWS (provisioning + SAML)
  • Concur (provisioning + SAML)
  • ServiceNow (provisioning + SAML)
  • BrowserStack
  • Formstack


New Features - Centrify Privilege Service


Access Request for Privilege Roles


  • Allows the use of CPS as a workflow engine for CSS resource roles
  • Ideally used for temporary access control to individual systems
  • Requesters are AD users, the approval chain can contain any type of CIP users
  • Permanent, Temporary and Windowed assignments can be requested with approver override
  • Support for documenting ticket numbers
  • Canned reports to demonstrate “documented approvals”



Resolved Issues and Behavior Changes


The following list records issues resolved in this release and behavior changes.


  • AssertionConsumerServiceIndex is now supported in SAML app advanced scripts to allow choice of which ACS URL a SAML response will be sent to (CC-45125).
  • Some jurisdictions’ privacy laws do not allow user location to be tracked or displayed, so a configuration option has been added to allow Centrify Support to disable map and location tracking on a per-customer basis, based on customer request (CC-45760).
  • Provisioning job reports have been improved with updated section titles and section order. In addition, the status reported for various issues has been changed as follows:
    • User rejected by script was in “user already synced or not updated” and is now in “user skipped”
    • Sync user without email was in “user already synced or not updated” and is now in “user failed”
    • Sync user with invalid email was in “user already synced or not updated” and is now in “user failed”
    • Deprovision user scenario “do not de-provision selected” was not shown, now in “user skipped”
    • Deprovision deactivated user “do not de-provision selected” was not shown, now in “user skipped”
      (CC-45399, CC-44926).
  • Hybrid flow is now supported for OpenID Connect apps for the following flows: “code id_token”, “code token” and “code id_token token” (CC-40656).
  • A policy has been added to Container Settings > Restriction Settings to allow Samsung devices capable of KNOX 2.5 and above to permit use of USB by apps inside the KNOX container (CC-43425).
  • The display of the Mobile Authenticator on devices is now controlled by the following policy: Mobile Device Policies > Common Mobile Settings > Security Settings > Show Mobile Authenticator by Default (CC-44270).
  • Both policy rules and default profile for per-app policy, and VPP can now be set by users that have only the Application Management right (CC-43779, CC-45403).
  • Support has been added for multiple versions of an in-house Android app, with role membership determining which version is made available to a particular device (CC-43131).
  • Google has rebranded “Android for Work” as “Android Management” and this change is reflected in 17.4 (CC-44164).
  • Enrollment notification date/time now shows in local time, previously it was shown in UTC (CC-43938).
  • The policy compliance status is now shown correctly for Samsung KNOX devices (CC-45512).
  • App gateway launch events are now included in the user activity report (CC-45266).
  • Enabled support for TLS 1.1 and 1.2 to both cloud and Connector (CC-44120, CC-46930).


 For security advisories and known issues, please see attached file.


For 17.4 Hot Fix 1 security advisories and known issues, please see attached file.

For 17.4 Hot Fix 2 security advisories and known issues, please see attached file.

For 17.4 Hot Fix 3 security advisories and known issues, please see attached file.

For 17.4 Hot Fix 4 security advisories and known issues, please see attached file.


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