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Centrify 17.1, 17.1 Hotfix 1 & Hotfix 2 Release Notes

11 April,19 at 11:51 AM

New Features - Centrify Identity Service


CBE Form-Fill 


This feature allows users to go directly to username / password app to login through Centrify without going to the User Portal.


Form-Fill now available for:

  • Firefox
  • IE
  • Chrome

User can enable/disable auto-login.


CBE form fill.gif  


Force finger print for Mobile Authenticator (Android)


This is a new policy to require finger print scan.


  • When using mobile authenticator MFA Method, a required finger print pop-up will appear 
  • Policy to allow or disallow PIN Fallback
  • iOS coming in the next release

 Forced Fingerprint.png



Remediation Actions for Unreachable Devices


If a device is unreachable for X days, the following actions are available to admins:

  • Admin Lock
  • Auto-Unenroll

unreachable devices.png 



3D Touch / App Shortcuts


Long press on the Centrify app icon will bring up:

  • Send MFA Code (Mobile Authenticator)
  • The last 2 apps used
  • Notifications area


This feature is available for Both for iOS and Android 7.1+.


3d touch.png 



New policy for Samsung KNOX – Force GPS


Admins can now force managed Samsung KNOX devices to have GPS enabled.  New policy is available here:

  • Policies > Mobile Device Policies > Samsung KNOX Device Settings > Restriction Settings

Samsung KNOX.png


 The following apps have been updated:


  • Windows Live
  • Skype
  • Yahoo Mail
  • eFax
  • Box
  • Lynda
  • My Adobe
  • Twitter
  • PollEverywhere
  • Juniper Pulse renamed to Pulse Secure



New Features - Centrify Privilege Service


Privilege Service On-Premises


  • Centrify Agent for Windows is bundled with Privilege Service on-premises
  • Accessible via Admin Portal > Downloads > Centrify Agents

CPS om prem.png 


Web Proxy Option - Centrify Agent for Linux 


In this version we introduce the -p (--http-proxy) option for the cenroll command to specify a web proxy for Centrify Agent for Linux enrollment operations.

Using this option will update the and agent.web.proxy.order parameters of the /etc/centrifycc/centrifycc.conf file (ref:CC-42880)



Resolved Issues and Behavior Changes


The following list records issues resolved in this release and behavior changes.


  • De-provisioning both a user and user’s manager at the same time in the NetSuite app now correctly de-provisions the user’s manager (CC-43569).
  • The Internet Explorer browser extension now loads pages where there is no document.defaultView object (CC-43553).
  • The Download Signing Certificate help tip now displays on IE in the WebEx SAML app (CC-42130).
  • Samsung KNOX UMC enrollment is now initiated with the Chrome browser on Samsung KNOX devices (CC-43323).
  • The IMEI is now displayed correctly for Android 6.0+ devices (CC-43164).
  • A device no longer shows as enrolled in the Admin Portal if enrollment was cancelled before completion (CC-43731).
  • The derived credential status no longer gets stuck at “pending” for devices running Android versions earlier than 7.0 (CC-43436).
  • Manager and Subsidiary field values are now sent to NetSuite (CC-42932).
  • Existing users are no longer overwritten by the Slack provisioning app if the option to keep existing users is checked (CC-42907).
  • All phone numbers (office, home, mobile) are now synched by the Slack provisioning app (CC-37056).
  • The Qmarkets provisioning app now supports the option to disable a user (CC-42967).
  • If a role is assigned as a workflow approver, the name of the role member that approved is now displayed after the approval has been given (CC-43221).
  • In the Google Apps for Work provisioning app, it is now possible to add a child Active Directory group for a synched Active Directory group (CC-39478).
  • Sync records for rejected user cases are no longer deleted by the Office 365 provisioning app (CC-43514).
  • All approvers on a Workflow request are now shown in the approval/rejection email to the affected user (CC-43171).
  • The Role “Add Members” dialog no longer pre-fills the list of all available users to improve UI performance (CC-43291).


For security advisories and known issues, please see attached file.


For 17.1 Hot Fix 1 security advisories and known issues, please see attached file.


For 17.1 Hot Fix 2 security advisories and known issues, please see attached file.


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