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17.10 Highlights: Improved Administrative Features, Form-FIlling on Safari and OAuth 2.0 Support

11 April,19 at 11:50 AM

In case you hadn't heard, we will be upgrading our platform to version 17.10 this weekend (Sunday, November 19th).  The complete list of new features is available in the release notes, but as always I will tell you about my favorites here:


Improved Administrative Features

Normally I only write about 2 or 3 features, but this release includes several enhancements to existing functionality so I cheated and lumped 3 features into 1 Smiley Happy


  1. Parameterized reports: Our reporting engine has been updated to support reports that can be modified by updating specific parameters (e.g. Dates, Roles, Users, Applications, etc.).  Now, when creating custom reports, you can use the Parameters tab to allow the report to be easily modified with a few mouse clicks.  We've also updated all of the built-in reports that were time-bound, or applied to specific Roles or Resources to make those parameterized reports.  This means a single report can easily be modfifed direcly by the user running the report without requiring the user to save and modify the report script itself.Report Parameters.png
  2. Workflow now supports actions when a manager is unknown: We've also updated our workflow engine to provide administrative control over the action to take in the event that the requestor's manager must approve a request but the requestor has no manager.  In the past, we would take the default action of assuming an approval and the UI would reflect that the step had been skipped.  Now, Admins can specify to take one of the following actions if there is no manager:
    1. Automatically Approve
    2. Automatically Deny
    3. Route to a Role our UserWorkflow Approval Options.png
  3. Easier email customization for foreign languages: Here's a feature that our multi-national customers will really appreciate which is better ability to customize our email messages in foreign languages and better visibility over what has been customized.  In the past, if you wanted to customize an email template, you'd have to change your browser locale in order to do that.  If you wanted to know if message for a particular language had been updated, you'd have to switch your browser locale to that language and look to see if there were a date for when the template had last been updated.  We've updated the interface to allow you to choose the language of the template that you want to update and update the template without requiring you to switch the browser locale.  More importantly, the table now shows which languages have been updated.


Email Customization.png


Form-Filling on Safari

As you probably know, we added support for Form-Filling in January.  If you are not familiar with this feature, this is the ability to go directly to a username / password site (instead of the User Portal) and login to that site with credentials stored in the Centrify platform.  This feature is enabled through the Centrify Browser Extension and had previously been available for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.  With 17.10, we have extended this functionality to the Safari browser!

Safari Form-Filling.png 


OAuth 2.0 (Preview) Support

Finally, I am very excited to announce the Preview release of our OAuth 2.0 support!  For our customers and partners who are developing applications or integrating with our platform in other ways, this feature provides a simple and secure way to provide authorization and to scope which APIs a particular client may access.  This feature enables:

  • Customers to securely build their own apps using our APIs,
  • Better security when using our APIs, and 
  • Better support for app to app authorization.

The feature is comprised of:

  1. A new App Template for OAuth Server,
  2. Ability to create a "user" in our directory as an "OAuth Confidential Client", and
  3. The ability to Scope which APIs can be called by a specific client application.



For more information, please refer to the OAuth Section in our new developer site


We hope you like these new features and look forward to hearing your feedback!




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