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16.12 Highlights: Multi-Step Workflow, Usability Improvements and Preview of Inbound Provisioning

11 April,19 at 11:50 AM

In case you hadn't heard, we will be upgrading our platform (Centrify Identity Service and Centrify Privilege Service) to version 16.12 this weekend (Saturday, December 17th).   The complete list of new features is available in the release notes, but as always I will tell you about my favorites here:


Multi-Step Workflow

As you may know, we introduced Workflow to our platform (for both Centrify Identity Service App+ Edition, and for Centrify Privilege Service) over a year ago when we released 15.10.  When we introduced workflow, we enabled admins to create a very simple one-step approval flow for access to apps and infrastructure.  We're happy to announce, that with this release we have augmented our workflow engine to support multiple steps for approval.  In addition to being able to specify multiple steps, we now offer the ability to create workflows (single-step or multi-step) where the requestor's manager can be specified as an approver in addition to the already supported named user or role.


Multi-Step Workflow.png


Usability Improvements

We've made 2 minor usability improvements for working with Centrify Connectors and setting up a Corporate IP Range.  For both of these interfaces, we now provide the ability for the Admin to create a friendly name or label.  For the Connectors, the name is used throughout the product when specifying a Connector to route traffic through (e.g. specifying a Connector to use as an App Gateway for a particular app).  While the Corporate IP Ranges are only shown on 1 page, we've had customers (with large networks with multiple locations) ask us for this feature to enable them to easily identity each entry.




Preview of Inbound Provisioning (from Workday)

Finally, I'm very excited to announce that we are introducing a preview feature for inbound provisioning into our platform.  As you know, our products enable secure access to apps and infrastructure to the user communities that are important to our customers.  The platform integrates easily with existing data stores and does not require replication of user data.  For customers who maintain their users in AD, our Connectors simply proxy the existing Active Directory.  Our customers love the ease of use and security that this approach of "Identity from Anywhere" provides.  Many of our customers have either invested, or are planning to invest, in a Human Capital Management (HCM) solution like Workday.  These customers have asked that we better integrate with their identity ecosystem, and we've answered with this new feature.  Centrify can now be used for inbound provisioning from Workday into Active Directory.  Once in AD, those users can then access apps and infrastructure through Identity Service and Privilege Service.  This feature has been built to be extensible so that we can easily add support for other data sources (i.e. other HCM solutions) and target directories (most notably, we will soon add support to provision into the Centrify Directory).


Inbound Provisioning.png


Please note that this preview feature must be enabled for your environment (it does not appear by default).  If you would like to try it out in your environment please contact support.


We hope you enjoy these new features and look forward to hearing your feedback!

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