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15.7 Highlights: New Administrative Controls and Improved Mobile Experience

11 April,19 at 11:49 AM

As you may have already heard, the Centrify Cloud (Centrify Identity Service and Centrify Privilege Service) will be upgraded to version 15.7 this weekend (Sunday, August 9th).  Once again this release has several cool new features, let me point out a few of my favorites here...


Control and Visibility over Provisoning Jobs

As you probably know, Centrify Identity Service offers deep integration with several SAML apps enabling the provisioning and de-provisioning of apps for users based on Role membership.  For this feature, the product runs synchronization jobs on a regular basis.  In using the product, some of our customers asked for better visibility and control into these jobs.  Well, I'm happy to tell you that we listened and answered that request!  You will now see that we:


  1. Provide Admins with an option to specify when the Sync jobs run, and
  2. Provide a link to a page showing job staus and reports for Sync jobs.



More Control over iOS Managed Apps

When using Identity Service for Mobile Device Management, we now give administrators more control over the apps that they push out as managed apps to their users.  Specifically, for each iOS app the admin can choose:


  1. to uninstall the app when a user un-enrolls his/her device, and
  2. to prevent the user from backing up the app itself.

Managed Apps.png

Improved Mobile Experience

This is hands down my favorite feature in 15.7.  With the 15.7 mobile client, we give the user the ability to filter the apps view using the tags from the User Portal.  Instead of having to scroll through the entire list of apps from a mobile device, users can now quickly prune the list down with a single click.


App Filters.png

While this post is about Centrify Identity Service, I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that this is an update to the Identity Platform itself.  That means that our customers using Centrify Privilege Service will also be getting some great new features this weekend as well!  My colleagues will be writing more about what's coming there; but (spoiler alert) they will be giving admins the ability to watch and terminate active sessions by other users.


Watch and Terminate.png 


We hope you enjoy these new features and look forward to hearing your feedback!   

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