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15.4 Highlights: Deprovisioning Options, Mac App Management and new Mobile Clients

11 April,19 at 11:49 AM

Centrify Identity Service will be upgraded to version 15.4 this weekend (Saturday, May 2nd).  The primary focus for this release is improved performance; however, we've added some cool new features that I will tell you about here...


Deprovisioning Options

As you probably know, Centrify Identity Service supports User Provisioning for several applications.  If you are not familiar with this term, this means that you can used Centrify to automatically create user accounts in the SaaS applications you use (e.g. Office 365, Salesforce, etc.).  If you've heard me talk about this feature in the past, you've heard me say that provisioning is really a misnomer as the account creation piece is only a small part of what we do here.  Provisioning is really about the full lifecycle management for application access; in that, we make decisions about who should have access to an app based on role membership, and we revoke that access when the user is no longer in the role.  Well, we've augmented the functionality for this feature by giving the admin more control over what to do with the account when the user gets deprovisioned.  With this release, we've added deprovisioning options support for Google Apps for Business giving the admin the ability to choose to delete the user (and all of his/her data), or disable the user (which leaves the user's data intact).  We will add further deprovisioning support for additional apps over the coming releases.


Deprovision Options.png 


Mac App Management

Centrify Identity Service is the only IDaaS solution that includes Enterprise Mobility Management.  With Centrify, you can manage your mobile devices and the apps on those devices.  While we have supported Macs for device management (giving admins and/or users the ability to lock or wipe a missing Mac) through Centrify Identity Service for a long time, with this release we are extending our Mobile Application Management capabilities to include pushing apps to Macs as well as mobile devices.  This is a preview feature; if you are interested in using the feature, please contact Support.


Mac App Management.png

While I'm on the topic of Macs, I thought I'd point out that Centrify Identity Service is also the only IDaaS solution to offer a complete Mac Management solution.  Using Centrify, you can manage Macs just like you manage your Windows machines (through Active Directory).  Our customers love this solution, if your organization uses Macs and you're not using Centrify to manage them, talk to your account team to learn how we can help you.


New Mobile Clients

If you are using the Centrify Mobile App, you will see that we've given the app a facelift.  With this new UI, we now show web apps in a grid view instead of as a list.  This more closely resembles the web experience and allows you to see more apps in a single view.  We've also  improved the security by enabling the user to lock the app (this allows you to hand your iPad to your kid without giving him access to your apps).  When the app is locked, you can unlock with the pin or with a fingerprint on supported devices.  We've also improved the push notifications sent to the device to more clearly identify what the user is being asked to provide a second factor for.


new mobile client 4.png

Finally, while this post is an update on what's new in Centrify Identity Service, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that 15.4 also marks the GA of  Centrify Privilege Service.  In case you missed our press release, or various blogs on this product, Centrify Privilege Service is the industry's first cloud-based identity management solution for privileged accounts.  Centrify Privilege Service enables secure access to critical IT infrastructure with shared account password management and session monitoring.   Why am I mentioning this here?  Because this product was built on same platform (the Centrify Identity Platform) as Centrify Identity Service.  If you are interested in evaluating this new product, let us know.


We hope you enjoy the new features in 15.4, and look forward to hearing your feedback.

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