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15.11 Highlights: Self-Service Account Unlock, Smart Card Login and B2C Support

11 April,19 at 11:50 AM

As you may have heard, we will be upgrading our platform (Centrify Identity Service and Centrify Privilege Service) to version 15.11 this weekend (Saturday, December 5th).  This release has several cool new features and enhancements.  As always, I will highlight the features I'm most excited about here:


Self-Service Account Unlock for Active Directory

At Centrify we pride ourselves in how we integrate with Active Directory.  For years we have extended AD to non-Windows environments in our Server Suite product.  When we launched Identity Service, we took a very different approach than other vendors in the IDaaS space on how we work with AD (treating AD as the single source of truth for identities).  We feel this approach makes our solution the most secure solution on the market.  While we've kept the product secure, we've also taken great measures to make it easy to use for IT and for end-users.  Several months ago, we added a capability to allow users who have forgotten their AD password to do a self-service password reset by having the user verify their identity with a know factor other than the password.  Our customers quickly saw the value in this and came back to us to extend that capability to enable users to unlock a locked AD account.  We listened to those requests, and once again, we've delivered.  With this release, you will notice that the menu structure for Policies has changed and what was previously labeled "Password Reset" (under "Account Security Policies") now appears as "Self Service."  In this policy you will see that there are now options to enable both Password Reset and Account Unlock!


Self Service.png


Smart Card Login to Portal

Centrify is first and foremost a security company.  While many think of SSO as a nice-to-have convenience, we believe it's much more than that.  Having a strong SSO product in place reduces a company's attack vector by allowing the company to eliminate or greatly reduce passwords.  We have many customers who have already completely eliminated passwords in their organization and have moved to using Smart Cards in lieu of user names and passwords.  These organizations (e.g. federal agencies and highly secure banks, etc.), have been using our Server Suite product for years and have been waiting for us to enable Smart Card access to the User Portal (because their users don't have user names and passwords).   I'm happy to say, that those customers (and any others who are considering a switch to Smart Cards) need to wait no longer to reap the benefits of Centrify Identity Service. 


Smart Card.png


Smart Card support requires some back-end configuration by our Ops team, so please contact your account team for more information.


Business to Consumer (B2C) Support

As I often do, I've saved the best for last.  Over the past several months we've had many customers and prospective customers tell us how much they love our platform and ask us to open it up to enable support for their business partners and end customers.  As you probably know, we announced support for business partners last month; well we're following up this month with B2C support!


Business to Consumer is a very different use case than B2B and B2E, as it is primarily about outsourcing identity management.  With our B2C product, you can enable your customers to either create their own cloud user accounts, or login using their existing social credentials (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and/or Microsoft).  This new social login feature allows for easy access to the Centrify platform, which in turn enables SSO to your apps.




I'm also very excited to announce that with this release we are now offering support for SSO to apps using OpenID Connect.  If you're not familiar with OpenID Connect, it is a protocol like SAML that enables SSO; however, it is a simpler protocol to use as it does not require management of certificates.  For this reason, this was also a very popular request from customers looking to us to provide solutions for their B2C needs (as they had built, or were building, apps using this standard).


This feature will actually GA in the 15.12 release which is coming out later this month, but it's available for early access in 15.11. Email us if you are interested in previewing this feature.


We hope you enjoy these new features and look forward to hearing your feedback!

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