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15.1 Highlights: New name -- same great product!

11 April,19 at 11:49 AM

As I'm sure you've already heard, we will be upgrading our product to version 15.1 on Saturday morning (January 24th).  If you are inclined to reading our documentation, you will notice a name change.  While the product was originally called Centrify User Suite, the fact that it wasn't a suite of software with things to install often created some confusion.  So, we thought long and hard about what we really offer in our product, and determined that the product boils down to be an identity solution delivered as as service.  So, I'm pleased to introduce Centrify Identify Service.   The title of this post is a little off in that the product isn't fully the same -- we've added some great new features along the way!  Let me point out a few of the more exciting new features in this release...


Granular Licensing for Office 365

When using Centrify for provisioning accounts in Office 365, we can now do fine-grain licensing of the components within a license.  For example, if you are using Microsoft's E1 Plan, you can now choose which applications you wish to include a license for through provisioning.


 Granular Licensing


Registration Links for User Name / Password Apps

If you are deploying user name and password apps for your organization, and want your users to be able to register themselves for the application, you can now make the app available in the User Portal with a registration link.  You will find the setting to enable this in the description page for the app in the admin portal.  Now, when users click on an app and are prompted for a user name and password, they will also see a link to register for an account.

registration link 


Push Notifications for MFA

By far the coolest feature in this release, is the addition of push notification support for mobile for MFA.  Now when you are asked to provide an additional factor to authenticate (accessing the portal from an unknown browser, or accessing an app where strong auth is required), we will send a push notification to your primary device.


push mfawatch

This feature provides two benefits:

  1. Convenience -- as you no longer have to open the Centrify app on your device to authenticate -- you simply take action when prompted, and
  2. Security -- if someone else is trying to authenticate using your credentials, you will see the notification and can deny the access.

One thing to note, we do not send notifications to all of your enrolled devices.  With this feature we've introduced a notion of a primary device.  The primary device will appear in the user portal with a green check mark.  If you would like to make another device your primary, you can simply click on that device and choose the "Set as Primary Device" option from the "Actions" menu.

primary device


We hope you enjoy these new features and look forward to hearing your feedback!