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14.9 Highlights: Certificate-based Policies, Improved Policy Service, and App Gateway (Beta)

11 April,19 at 11:49 AM

It's that time again...we will be upgrading Centrify User Suite to version 14.9 this weekend.  Once again, this release has many enhancements and new features.  The complete list of new features is available here; but, let me draw your focus on 3 really exciting features.


Certificate based Email, Wifi and VPN Policies for Mobile

With the 14.9 release we are providing a new capability that enables certificate based authentication for email, wifi and vpn access from mobile devices for Cloud users.  This feature supports using a certificate generated for your tenant by Centrify (which you can download from Settings > Certificates).   We've created corresponding new policies for email, wifi and vpn.


exchange cert.png


Improved Policy Service

We've also made some changes to improve the ease of user of our policy engine.  Specifically, we've done the following:


  • created a cleaner layout,
  • added search (try searching for "Profiles" to see the policies referenced above), and
  • added a policy summary (you will find the summary view in the policy set, under users, and under devices)

policy summary.png


App Gateway Beta

I've saved the best for last this is a ground-breaking new feature.  As you probably know, User Suite enables you to provide SSO to both SaaS apps and on-premises apps that use a web interface.  On-prem apps are unique in that they sit on the corporate network and are only available to users who are on the network physically, or who have vpn'ed into the network.  From a user perspective, firing up a vpn session can be painful and time-consuming (or impossible if using a machine that doesn't have the requisite vpn client).  From an IT perspective, this can be painful in that the user's device must be enabled with a vpn client.  Also, vpn is often overkill in that the user simply needs secure access to a single resource...but, the vpn routes all of the traffic from the device through the corporate network.   The App Gateway solves all of these issues.  With this feature, you can enable apps on your network for secure access without requiring the user to install anything, or fire up a vpn session.

And speaking of saving the best for last...this feature does not require any additional infrastructure!  The AD proxy server that you are currently using to authenticate your users into Centrify can be upgraded to include the App Gateway.  Actually, we've made the installer flexible so you can choose to run the App Gateway with the Proxy or independently.


To participate in the  beta (which will start about 1 week after 14.9 is released), email us at with your name, the region your tenant is in and your Customer ID.  You can find your region and Customer ID by selecting the About menu from User Suite as shown here:



We hope you enjoy these new features, and look forward to hearing your feedback.

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